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How are the Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) protocols different?

Tl;dr: Stellar’s protocol (SCP) uses a decentralized state propagation where each node commits to a value if every node it deems trustworthy agrees while Ripple uses a supermajority vote (80%) among ...
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Is Stellar platform a blockchain?

From my recent blog post: Everybody knows that Stellar Network is a blockchain-powered platform, right? However, it's architecture is completely distinctive from, let's say, Bitcoin or Ethereum. ...
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What are the differences between Ripple and Stellar addresses

Stellar uses ed25519 keys, whereas Ripple uses secp256k1 (just as Bitcoin, etc..) by default, and ed25519 if specified. Ed25519 keys should to be able to be moved between the two systems, with the ...
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