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There might be reasons for not being able to connect to your favorite validators (every validator has a maximum number of incoming connection slots, network outages, censorship...) altough yeah, I guess it's pretty unlikely to not being able to any node but watchers. However generally I'd say the more peers, the better the network resilience and data ...


Typically this is the result of some sort of data corruption on the node's local storage system. Which version of stellar-core are you running? Why did it (re)-enter catchup after 2-3 days? Did the node crash by any chance, or just lose sync?


Other people were having this issue with quickstart. Seems like something is wrong with the default setting for minimal catchup. Try setting catchup complete to false and catchup recent to 1024 in your config. I know this solved the issue for others.


Horizon always returns the optimal path. The E->F part is redundant in this particular case as you requested payment path from E to A. And that's what we clearly see here: EXY->DXY->CLM->BCZ->AXY.

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