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Yes, you would need to re-build your node to recover. In order to avoid this issue, please make sure to upgrade your nodes to the latest stellar-core version (as it sounds like you ran into an issue which got fixed in a later version)


Genesis ledger is created when you first initiate the database by running stellar-core new-db, so you do not need to populate it manually.


Please check the access rights when you run stellar-core (make sure you have proper access rights to the database and the buckets folder). We are tracking this issue in, so feel free to add more details there if you still experience problems.


There's no way to set a fixed price on an asset. You have to make an account and sell and buy the asset from that account by making buy/sell orders. If you want to sell the asset for XLM, you'll have to set up a bot that makes offers based on the current price of XLM. A simpler way would be sell your asset for another asset anchored to USD that you trust. If ...

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