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I figured it out, let's share it with ya'll. One should use BaseHorizonError to catch Exceptions, then iterate extras.get("result_codes") entry of the Exception's instance. I've caught its sub-classes (exceptions.BadRequestError, exceptions.BadResponseError, etc.) so far, which seems doesn't contain these atrributes. PEACE V


When someone is programmatically creating accounts, the simple way to stop them is by increasing their cost of account creation. This problem is not only existent for you, but even my company also underwent such bot attacks, and invalid signups. So what can you do to check the authenticity of signup? and how exactly can you increase the costs for the program ...


This is a really good questions and one without a specific "right" answer. It essentially boils down to what the most acceptable compromise is. Either A) You force users to pay their base fee for account creation. Or B) You live with the possibility of manipulation. C) Some combination of the two. Here are some possible compromises: Lobstr uses a ...

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