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Missing Lumens after upgrade

I recently upgraded my old Stellar account to the new network. After upgrade page says Upgraded! You had XXX lumens in the old network To access your account, go to account viewer But I see 0 XLM in ...
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Error message on Stellar Homepage

The above error is there on the Stellar Launch page now, for more than a month. Further this issue persists for more than 3 months, although message claims team is 'actively' working to reoslve. How ...
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Account upgrade functionaility from legacy to Lumens still not working

Even after repeated requests this issue isn't resolved by stellar. Moderator moves my query to a old resolved post which does not have a satisfactory answer. P.S.: Please urgently solve this issue as ...
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Unable to upgrade legacy account with

I am trying to upgrade my legacy account using the method listed in the FAQ: To upgrade from the old network, log in here: ...
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How to upgrade stellar account, forgot password

I tried using the recover password feature at, but it doesn't work. I enter the username and leave recovery code blank and it returns the error "Unable to contact the server.&...
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Deprecated Commands in Core 10.1.0?

After upgrading to stellar core 10.1.0, it says that some of the commands have been deprecated. Which are those commands, Could someone please help?
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1 answer

Upgrade an existing stellar core

How do I upgrade an existing stellar-core to the latest updated code in git? I tried finding out but couldn't get any details. NOTE: I have built stellar_core from source code and not used the ...
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How do I ensure that validator maintenance is safe for the overall network?

In the event of applying security patches, system upgrades, etc., how do I ensure the validators that depend on mine will not be affected when I have to turn off my validator?
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