Here is my scenario:

I have a transaction that needs to be signed by A and B. I want to create this transaction and send it to each of them to be signed. The issue is that I need to to merge the two signature into the same transaction.

Is this possible somehow?

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This is possible. Something like the following steps would help you..

(I took this directly from the JS SDK documentation)

  • Use TransactionBuilder to build a new transaction.
  • Make sure to set a long enough timeout on that transaction to give your signers enough time to sign!
  • Once you build the transaction, use transaction.toXDR() to get the base64-encoded XDR string.
  • Send this XDR string to your other parties. They can use the instructions for getKeypairSignature to sign the transaction.
  • They should send you back their publicKey and the signature string from getKeypairSignature, both of which you pass to this function (addSignature of Transaction object)

Please review the docs here: Stellar JS SDK TXN Documentation

  • I must have missed it, thank you a lot it seems exactly what I need indeed
    – GioGio
    Apr 1, 2021 at 8:54

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