The example config states that "Ledger will only close when stellar-core gets the manualclose command".

On a new private testing network (ledger#=1), after setting MANUAL_CLOSE=true, I did stellar-core --newdb & stellar-core --newhist XX (also stellar-core --forcescp), but the stellar core network cannot start at all (constantly "Joining SCP").

Also failed with RUN_STANDALONE=true, so this doesn't look like a protocol issue.

Any help/successful experience?

p.s. No previous hands-on with manualclose.

Edit: The other config variables to change ledger close time ARTIFICIALLY_SET_CLOSE_TIME_FOR_TESTING and ARTIFICIALLY_ACCELERATE_TIME_FOR_TESTING work just fine.


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Did you actually try to run the manualclose command after starting up the node with RUN_STANDALONE=true and MANUAL_CLOSE=true ?

The "Joining SCP" status is irrelevant if MANUAL_CLOSE is set, and it will happily claim "Synced!" as soon as it closes a ledger.

  • Thank you with your concern. I was using RUN_STANDALONE=false and MANUAL_CLOSE=true. "Joining SCP" just means that the network could not even start..
    – cesarm
    Apr 25, 2018 at 3:06

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