I am using stellar-core in ubuntu 18.04 . I want to create test-network . But my node is unable to sync , it is stuck showing the log

    For new syntax: stellar-core help

2019-06-07T11:38:26.889 GDRLE [default INFO] Starting stellar-core stellar-core 11.1.0 (324c1bd61b0e9bada63e0d696d799421b00a7950)
2019-06-07T11:38:26.902 GDRLE [Database INFO] Connecting to: postgresql://dbname=testnet host=localhost user=minhajs password=********
2019-06-07T11:38:26.922 GDRLE [SCP INFO] LocalNode::LocalNode@GDRLE qSet: 273af2
2019-06-07T11:38:26.922 GDRLE [default INFO] Listening on for HTTP requests
2019-06-07T11:38:26.930 GDRLE [Database INFO] DB schema is in current version
2019-06-07T11:38:26.931 GDRLE [History INFO] Archive 'h1' has 'get' command only, will not be written
2019-06-07T11:38:26.931 GDRLE [History INFO] Archive 'h2' has 'get' command only, will not be written
2019-06-07T11:38:26.931 GDRLE [History INFO] Archive 'h3' has 'get' command only, will not be written
2019-06-07T11:38:26.932 GDRLE [History WARNING] No writable archives configured, history will not be written.
2019-06-07T11:38:26.932 GDRLE [Ledger INFO] Starting up application
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] Connection effective settings:
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] TARGET_PEER_CONNECTIONS: 8
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] MAX_ADDITIONAL_PEER_CONNECTIONS: 64
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] MAX_PENDING_CONNECTIONS: 500
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] MAX_OUTBOUND_PENDING_CONNECTIONS: 16
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] MAX_INBOUND_PENDING_CONNECTIONS: 484
2019-06-07T11:38:26.934 GDRLE [default INFO] Loading last known ledger
2019-06-07T11:38:26.940 GDRLE [Ledger INFO] Loaded last known ledger: [seq=1, hash=9c0fc9]
2019-06-07T11:38:26.941 GDRLE [Overlay INFO] Binding to endpoint
2019-06-07T11:38:26.943 GDRLE [default INFO] * 
2019-06-07T11:38:26.943 GDRLE [default INFO] * Force-starting scp from the current db state. (`force scp` flag cleared in the db)
2019-06-07T11:38:26.943 GDRLE [default INFO] * 
2019-06-07T11:38:26.943 GDRLE [Herder INFO] Force joining SCP with local state
2019-06-07T11:38:26.943 GDRLE [Ledger INFO] Changing state LM_BOOTING_STATE -> LM_SYNCED_STATE
2019-06-07T11:39:01.941 GDRLE [Herder WARNING] Lost track of consensus
2019-06-07T11:39:01.942 GDRLE [Herder WARNING] Out of sync context: {
   "queue" : null,
   "scp" : {
      "2" : {
         "ballotProtocol" : {
            "ballot" : "(<null_ballot>)",
            "heard" : false,
            "phase" : "PREPARE",
            "state" : "i: 2 | PREPARE | b: (<null_ballot>) | p: (<null_ballot>) | p': (<null_ballot>) | h: (<null_ballot>) | c: (<null_ballot>) | M: 0"
         "nomination" : {
            "X" : [ "[ txH: 392ada, ct: 1559887706, upgrades: [ ] ]" ],
            "roundnumber" : 8,
            "started" : true
         "quorum_sets" : {
            "273af2" : {
               "t" : 2,
               "v" : [ "sdf1", "sdf2", "sdf3" ]
         "statements" : [
               "{ENV@GDRLE |  i: 2 | NOMINATE | D: 273af2 | X: {'[ txH: 392ada, ct: 1559887706, upgrades: [ ] ]'} | Y: {} }",
         "validated" : true

. My configuration file is



DATABASE="postgresql://dbname=testnet host=localhost user=minhajs password=minhajs"



#The public keys of the Stellar testnet servers
THRESHOLD_PERCENT=51 # rounded up -> 2 nodes out of 3

#The history store of the Stellar testnet
get="curl -sf http://history.stellar.org/prd/core-testnet/core_testnet_001/{0} -o {1}"

get="curl -sf http://history.stellar.org/prd/core-testnet/core_testnet_002/{0} -o {1}"

get="curl -sf http://history.stellar.org/prd/core-testnet/core_testnet_003/{0} -o {1}"

Can someone help if encountered the same error . I used this same configuration on MacOs and it just worked fine .

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It's pointless to use the KNOWN_PEERS and [HISTORY] configuration for the official common testnet, as no other node will track or serve data from your private network.

If you want to join the SDF official testnet

  • NETWORK_PASSPHRASE="Test SDF Network ; September 2015"

If you want to run your own network and it's your first node:

  • Set it to standalone mode
  • Create your own history archive (see example in standalone config, needs to be initialized with stellar-core new-hist command first)
  • Kickstart your network with the stellar-core force-scp command

If your own network is running and you want to add another node:

  • Make sure your history from above is accessable for your new node
  • Refer to the [HISTORY] that your first node writes, only the get command
  • Refer to your first (and all other existing) nodes as KNOWN_PEERS
  • I changed the NETWORK_PASSPHRASE and then tried , It is able to connect to nodes but the situation persists , that it has lost track of consensus . And new nodes are connected and dropped due to limited slots . Jun 10, 2019 at 5:31
  • You have to completely start over when changing passphrase. Clear all data with stellar-core new-db
    – sui
    Jun 10, 2019 at 17:46

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