Has anyone done this before? I got a couple of boards collecting dust, was wondering if I could run kelp Kelp on it. Or if someone already tried it.

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You should be able to easily run Kelp on a Raspberry Pi (don't know about Arduino). Kelp uses very little CPU and has very little memory requirements -- both these requirements are dependent on the trading strategy used.

I have been including arm-based binary releases since the very first release (v1.0.0-rc1) of Kelp with the express purpose of supporting Kelp on the Raspberry Pi. I have not tried it myself, but that sounds like a fun project!

If you attempt to run Kelp on a Raspberry Pi and choose to write a blog post on what the experience is like, then I will include it in the SDF newsletter for promotion.


Developer of Kelp (on behalf of SDF)

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