After locking the created coin, we are trying to validate the coin with the stellar.toml file with in the apps directory. All though with no avail. What would be the proper way to initialize the stellar.toml file within a React app? We were assuming that having the file in the public directory would be enough?

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As describe in the documentation, stellar.toml should be in the .well-known folder. So if your domain is DOMAIN, the complete url is


If your react app is served at https://DOMAIN/, then you should make a .well-known folder in the root and add the stellar.toml there.

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    Thank you Francesco, we were having CORS issues and came to the conclusion that the netlify.toml file was not pushing the header configs. Instead we created an _headers file in the root directory with: # the stellar.toml file route /.well-known/stellar.toml Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Content-Type: text/plain This solved the Cors issue and everything is working!
    – zchristy
    Nov 22, 2019 at 3:55

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