I’m having a bit of a trouble listing effects for one transaction record.

When I list (e.g. on stellar laboratory) all TransactionForAccount, I get only limited number of records. I understand it. It needs to be paged. So I read all records and than do another page query via _links:next:href. Once there are no recors (or lees than a limit) I know, that is the last page.

But if I follow the “effects” link from single transaction record there is a array of effects and again next page href _links:next:href but that next page gives the same array of effects.

How do I list all the effects for a single transaction? How do I know I'm on the last page?


It looks like the problem is only when viewing through stellar laboratory

for example see effects for transaction 1beb1ffd69ed279fb46cdc691e56c316241cce3e3fbaaa862dc1fbf442d7779c Link here. There are 2 effects (as expected).

when click at link _links:next:href I get the same page. When accessing it it directly, returned JSON has indeed empty effects

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    I'm seeing additional bug, whereby the link in lab opens in testnet instead of live. I saw your bug report and added my finding.
    – Synesso
    Feb 7, 2018 at 21:22

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Yes, that's a bug in laboratory, if you just list effects using horizon endpoint - you won't get same effects on next page, it will be empty.

Another way of doing that is to decode result_meta_xdr for particular transaction. Here's your example transaction in laboratory.

Now click through to result_meta_xdr and you will get to this page, which should list all effects for the transaction. Decoding it manually from XDR format saves you HTTP request.

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