I'm curious how would it be possible to implement a game similar to one mentioned here. The rules are trivial (and sort of dumb):

In our little game, in each round, the wrestlers will be able to put in a sum of money, and if one put in double the money of the other(in total), he will win.

But while the implementation in Solidity looks straight forward, I can't see a way to implement a similar logic on Stellar.

What could be a possible approach?

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How about using one extra account "Dealer", just like playing poker games?

step 1

  • wrestler A -> Dealer
  • wrestler B -> Dealer

step 2

  • Dealer decides who wins (if there's a winner)

step 3

  • Dealer pays the winner (or refund them if no winner?)

You will need a simple code to monitor and compare the amounts sent to Dealer at step 1. Logic is simple, at the cost of a small extra transaction fee.

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    In that case, Dealer is some app running somewhere. The Dealer could cheat, bend the rules, or just die. So not really the same have having this logic in a smart contract that is independent and decentralized. Mar 9, 2018 at 2:12
  • That could be an issue... and then we might need another blockchain to mount this logic check...
    – cesarm
    Mar 12, 2018 at 1:19

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