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For questions regarding cryptography within Stellar.

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How to send crypto messages between two users

I want to know that how we can implement a system in which one user send a text message to another user using cryptocurrency by sending crypto keys or something similar? Both users will have our app ...
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Encrypt with Public Key and decrypt with Private Key using elliptic-curve cryptography

Is it possible to perform public key encryption flow for elliptic-curve cryptography? I need to implement the following scenario: Alice ...
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Encrypt some string with several Public Keys and decrypt with any of Private key? [closed]

I need to encrypt some string, let's say "Hello world" with several Public Keys and be able to decrypt this hash with any of Private Keys. Could you please tell if it possible and if so, the way to do ...
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What is done to create a stellar AccountID aside from the generated raw secret and derived pub/priv key?

I am curious on what is done when a public/private key pair is created on Stellar. I understand a key pair is generated with ed25519, but why are there additional pre-fix/postfix involved? Why would ...
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What are the differences between Ripple and Stellar addresses

What are the differences between Ripple and Stellar public/private key pairs? I understand the cryptography and libraries that Ripple and Stellar use are quite similar, but are they practically ...
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Alternate signature - hash(x)

This is regarding sha256Hash field in signer operation. let hash = sha256.createHash('sha256').update(message).digest('hex'); Here the input parameter message should be 256 bit value. Assuming my ...
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Which cryptographic algorithm is used to generate the secret and public keys?

The Stellar keypair is generated easily from various SDKs, but which algorithm do the SDKs use?