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Sorry for posting again, but I resolved my problem and I may be able to resolve yours too. It appears that my previous upgrade attempt did not actually go through. When I logged in again on, my original account recovery code still gives me "invalid code" but my account username/password worked. A new public/secret key pair was ...


Technically, yes, you can trace it to the wallet address that it may have been sent to. Recovery, however, is not a guarantee, and rather unlikely. Stellar Development Foundation has an exclusive partnership with Elliptic, the leading provider of crypto-asset risk management solutions for crypto businesses and financial institutions that in some scenarios ...


If you send any assets to the wrong address generated by Exchanges, then it won't be 100% disaster compared to sending assets to the wrong one not generated by Exchanges. It's because there might be possibilities that the Exchange still has access to your old addresses. So, it'll totally depends on your Exchange.


There are several things to consider and determine before issuing a custom asset. Read the docs, but you likely want an issuing and dispersing account. You will need enough XLM to support the trustlines. You may want to host a toml file to 'vouch' for the coin. You may want issuing limits, etc. Are there any 'rules' to enforce? (Can users transfer to users ...

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