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For questions regarding the public Key that is associated with each Stellar account.

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SHA 256 Hash signing - key "XABDL..."

I've just set up a SHA 256 hash as an additional signature to my account through Stellar Laboratory. I had a dry run with the testnet and I'm fairly confident it works. Does anyone know where the hash ...
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I do not see the public key and the private key to update

I received an email to update my Stellar account but after logging in, I don't even see the public and private key, which should come out in this place to update the account ... I would like the ...
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Stellar Java Sdk key validation?

In JavaScript SDK we have method isValidEd25519PublicKey for Stellar address validation. But in Java SDK there is no such method. How can I validate Stellar address with Java SDK?
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4 votes
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Federation Database Setup

I plan on maintaining a stellar account for each customer. My newbie questions: Are you supposed to store the public key of each user in the DB along with their friendly_ids? (doesn't this present a ...
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2 votes
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Using C#, what is the best way to validate a public key / address?

The link here What is the best method for key validation? has an answer for JS, and an answer for calculating it yourself, of which I have can't understand because I don't have a deep CS background. ...
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Where do I report Stellar-related scams?

Found a post on a forum saying they are Then they ask for your secret key. Where should I report this scam and others like it?
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14 votes
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What is the best method for key validation?

In particular, the seed key, but really this applies to both. I'm looking for the best way to validate that a key is formed correctly. I know it has 56 chars and starts with "S" for seeds and "G" for ...
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