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Each node synchronizes the state with the quorum set, so archives tampering won't work. The node will be unable to catch up with SCP quorum if the local state differs from the quorum-approved state. Nobody can modify a single archive file without messing up the whole archive because each ledger contains hash of the previous ledger and they are validated ...


You’re running a very old build that cannot understand what the current network is doing. Upgrade to the latest one (11.4.0 at this time)


My question is what is the command to run the horizon to ingest all of the historical data? I used horizon serve the same as the previous versions of the horizon but doesn't ingest the old data. Currently, Horizon starts ingesting ledgers starting at the latest checkpoint and it won't start until this ledger is present in Stellar-Core. time="2020-05-...


Could you provide the config file (with secrets removed) and execution log? It's hard to tell from this question alone.


The best-known way is to pull the latest source code from the repository and build it and the peer nodes then need to vote for the upgrade. The good news is that the upgrade doesn't affect your databases.


You could start Horizon anytime (before or after Core), even though Core is still catching up. Horizon is depending on Core, and will "ingest" data after Core has processed it, little-by-little. Without Horizon, Core can still work perfectly, but not the other way around. p.s. If you are catching up with the public main-net / test-net (where both contains ...

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